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Welcome to Granada Aluminium

As part of our pursuit of excellence in every aspect of operation, we provide top-of-the line products and services that meet the highest quality standards to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. This is complemented by exceptional customer care provided by our highly-trained administrative and technical teams and investing in the latest industry technologies and advancements to retain our position as the preeminent aluminum manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in both performance and quality.
We are also keen to recruit and retain the best-skilled and most qualified engineers and technicians. Over the years, our experience has expanded along with our business to encompass all regions of the Kingdom, allowing us the honor of taking part of the urban development across our beloved country through a multitude of residential, investment and commercial projects.




Over the past years, and even from the beginning our interest in this product was clear, and we were one of the first factories that introduced the manufacture of kitchen cabinets


Our customers can choose from a wide selection of window types to match their specific needs and requirements


Our factory’s advanced capabilities enable us to produce a range of facade types in any shape or color to suit the type of building and satisfy the requirements of our customers


We produce doors of all shapes and designs that can be fully customized to any color palette to satisfy all tastes


Shutters are produced by cooperation with great leading global companies such as the German company (HEROAL) and the French company (SOMFY)

Stained Glass

The factory can produce a wide array of modern and classic stained glass designs using only the very highest quality glass


The factory is equipped with top-notch technical capabilities, including specialized aluminium cutters which can produce high-thickness skylights of any type or shape. We use heat-treated tempered glass of different regular or reflective colors.


الإدارة (الأحد–الخميس)

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المعارض (السبت –الخميس)

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And from 9:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Al-Riyadh Al-Rabwah,EIXT 14 Omar Bn Abdulaziz Road

Head Office Tel.
0114726633 – 0114728833