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Granada Aluminum Factory’s name emerged with the rapid urban development in the Kingdom over the past five decades, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of industrial aluminum products such as windows, facades, doors, shutters and kitchens. Ever since the factory began production back in 1971, we have earned and maintained our reputation as a leading position and steadily extended our geographic footprint. We are keen to meet the needs of our customers by providing top-of-the-line products, using the most advanced equipment and machinery and staying up-to-date with the latest technological means. We also always seek to recruit and employ the best qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and skilled workers. Over the years, Granada Aluminium has accumulated a deep expertise that underpins its position as pioneers in our field and active players in urban development through numerous residential, investment and commercial projects

 We also boast ongoing partnerships with select leading international companies in the field to provide cutting-edge products. This is supplemented by a suite of exceptional value-added services, including expert technical advice at all stages of the project implementation and seamless after-sales services with a commitment to quality across the board. Our customers can avail these products and services through any of our existing permanent locations in Riyadh and Buraidah – with more locations planned in other areas of Saudi Arabia - and expansive network of qualified agents across Saudi Arabia, with more locations planned in the western and eastern provinces regions

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Granada Aluminium Factory Company strives to provide high-quality products and services, and exceptional care to satisfy its customers, as well as fostering its technical and administrative staff and staying up-to-date on the latest trends in the aluminium industry to maintain its position as an industry leader.


Providing a full range of aluminium products, from windows and doors to building facades, shutters, kitchens and skylights to the highest standards and specifications as per our customers’ requirements and needs with a commitment to on-time delivery, in order to remain at the advanced position of our industry and support the development of the Kingdom.


  • Providing a full range of aluminium products, from windows, doors to building facades, kitchen cabinets and shutters.
  • Also, offering technical advice and guidance for all types of aluminium applications at all stages of project implementation.
  • Furthermore, providing several aftersales services, which include a five-year guarantee on manufacturing defections, as well as ongoing maintenance works.
  • Provide many services after sale, which are covered by sales contracts (five years warranty) for all defects in the workmanship in addition to the maintenance of maintenance work on a permanent basis.


To provide products of the highest international standards in the aluminium industry, we offer a complete technical team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers, as well as long-term partnerships with top German and Italian manufacturers of machinery and equipment, such as:

  • Bending machines that produce high-quality professional-grade forms and designs for arched structural openings which highlight the beauty of architectural design of urban projects.
  • Aluminum cutting saws with multiple heads to ensure a perfect fit to any size or shape.
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to cut, mill and perforate large quantities of aluminium sheets to exact measurements and specifications.
  • Assembly machines and pistons are specialist machines used in the assembly of circling and shutters for all types of windows using a boltless automatic press, giving the product added strength and durability, as well producing large quantities in very little time.
  • Other types of machinery and equipment include cuttings, bending, sawing and drilling machines, which collectively form a forming a fully integrated assembly line that is continuously maintained and updated.


  • Granada Aluminium employs a diverse team that includes administrators, engineers, technicians and skilled workers which are distributed as follows: 60 Administrative employees, which include accountants, managers, sales staff and employees of the other departments. 15 Engineers specializing in different fields, including civil, mechanical, architect and interior decor and design. 30 Technicians with deep industry experience and knowledge to best serve customers. 170 Skilled workers who are kept well-trained and updated on the latest machinery and equipment.

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